The type of head piece or hat depends on the time of the ceremony. Pamelas are hats that can only be used between march 15 and October 15, only until five in the afternoon. Everything is allowed in morning ceremonies but keep in mind that the more simple your clothes are, the more dressed up your head could be.

The headdress is placed usually on the right side of the head because the companion will be placed on the left.

The ornaments on the head are an opportunity to unleash imagination. It is normal to break with the colour of the clothes, using the key of supplements and natural colors. The "less is more" rule is applied here. If the dress is spectacular, the headdress must be simple, if the dress is simple, the headdress has to be spectacular.

To kiss, you should offer the left cheek for not hindered with the headdress.

Finally, while the pamelas should be removed at 5 pm, the headdresses must not be removed throughout the ceremony.